Sunday, May 01, 2016

Campo 585

Campo 545

Campo 730

Campo 660

Gebel Kamil 265

Gebel Kamil 135

Etched Campo 150 grams

Etched Campo 290 grams

My scale rounds to 5 grams.

Libyan desert glass pendant

2 cut Campo

This appears much shinier in person, though it could use a fresh polish. Two images of it:


M Meteorite

Hupe 9.9 gram eucrite

NWA 999 Eurcrite

Mars meteorites


Dalgety downs


Darwin glass

Hupe Eucrite 3.3

Hupe EL6

Chinese tektites

This isn't all of them, but is a good sampling. 

NWA xxx or 869

320 total grams

Libyan desert glass

250 grams total